Vanessa Valenti

I wear many hats in my work - storyteller, feminist, entrepreneur, coach - but above all, my life's work is committed to plotting and creating new solutions for social change. 

In 2004  the same year Facebook was born  I co-founded, a tiny blip of a blog that grew to become the largest online feminist community in the world. The experience hooked me, and I've been creating next generation ventures for social impact since. 

My favorite work involves collaborating and experimenting in new forms of movement-building. You can usually find me curating a crew of brilliant rabble rousers, helping a speaker step into their power on stage, or strategizing to pinpoint that one, stunning story that will amplify righteous work to the online masses. 


"Vanessa is that unique person who both has big, radical ideas and the everyday drive to make those ideas happen. And when the struggle gets real, she manages to infuse every situation with levity and, 
dare I say, joy."



About Vanessa.

Vanessa is a social entrepreneur invested in creating new solutions to new problems  and old. She is a Partner of Valenti Martin Media, a social change communications consultancy she co-founded with her colleague Courtney Martin, and a Partner at FRESH Speakers, a next generation speakers bureau focused on diversifying public speaking, alongside Martin and colleague John Cary. She also co-created the award-winning blog, and #femfuture, an experimental initiative on building sustainability and impact in online feminism. 

Vanessa is also a TED Speaker, and was the 2016 recipient of the TED Residency, where she explored solutions to inspire minds to redesign thought leadership. She has also won several awards for her activist work and Feministing, including the Hillman Prize for Exemplary Reporting that Fosters Social and Economic Justice. 

Over the last decade, Vanessa has worked with a range of institutions and organizations across the globe, including TED, Intel, AOL, UN Women, The Clinton Global Initiative, Planned Parenthood and more, plotting and creating online movement-building, content development and curation, and storytelling, both online and on stage. 

When she's not working, Vanessa is unplugging with her husband, their two-year-old daughter, and cats, Cracker and Tweet, in her hometown of Queens, New York. 



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